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Animal Save India Celebrates Global Outreach Day

Animal Save India spreads a strong message across India on Global Outreach Day. Taking forward their famous campaign, Plant Based Treaty, the organisation conducted multiple interactive outreaches pan India on the same day engaging, making aware and educating thousands of people.

The major participant cities included Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Lucknow and many more. People of all age groups were seen participating actively during the events. Cities came up with different creative ideas to conduct the outreaches to attract more people.

Mumbai chapter of Animal Save India had a pig mascot on the truck spreading awareness on ending speciesism, climate awareness and various unethical practices included in animal agriculture. The mascot being the main attraction along with top activists, attracted many youngsters and added a sense of fun while spreading a strong message. The drive ended at Juhu Beach where further outreach was done through tabs and showing placards and healthy one-to-one conversations with the public. One person turned vegan on spot.

Pune and Delhi on the other hand took a more food-based approach.
Pune had a lovely morning distributing free vegan coffee & cakes by Freshly Fedd. People loved the food and appreciated the unique taste while showing their curiosity to know what the Treaty represents.

The Delhi team conducted the event at Gurgaon, a place with lots of restaurants and cafes. Sticker distribution to the endorsers, and formal outreach questions lead the participants to think about the many issues surrounding the climate crisis and animal-based agriculture from several perspectives. Participants were seen to be keen to be receptive to the questions.

Lucknow-Gomti Riverfront Park was seen to be crowded with people during the event. Topics like Climate Change and its impact on India, Extinction of species, world hunger, chronic diseases and veganism as its solution got the public thinking about their choices.

With many successful events across the country, Animal Save India, once again, made it to the news across India. Plant Based Treaty, supported by many celebrities, politicians, and public figures keeps reaching more people and gaining more support with every passing day through such events.

Plant Based Treaty, which aims to shift to a better world by shifting to a plant-based diet and saving millions of non-human animals from getting exploited and stopping the extreme usage of resources in animal agriculture, not to mention the impacts it has on the environment. We urge every respected citizen of our collective world to support and endorse the Plant Based Treaty and join hands with us. Support us at plantbasedtreaty.org. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can reverse climate change.

Join us! 

Contact: coordinator@animalsaveindia.Org


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