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Khosla’s Adina Tech breaks down how to nail your pitch – Tech Crunch


Probably doing the pitch The only important skill that any entrepreneur needs to improve, so no wonder, we started our  Early Stage 2021 – Marketing & Fundraising Event with an in-depth dive into all the tips and tricks needed to get the most out of pitch and slide decks. . Adina Techlu, Principal at Khosla Ventures, and Canon Beta, formerly consumer seed instrument at Canon Partners.

We talked about getting to know your customer (your potential investor), the story, distinctive slides in the deck, appendix slides, formatting and then focusing on alternative formats and avoiding the pitch deck.

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Find out about your customer, in this case, your investor

We began our discussion with advice that was as valuable as it was clear. Even today, despite the wealth of resources on the Internet for potential investors with background research, entrepreneurs regularly go to pitch conferences like deer in the headlights without understanding their particular investor tastes, interests, investment phase and more. Don’t be that entrepreneur.

The key number one is knowing your audience. The best entrepreneurs understand their customers, whether they are the end user, or the business customer. They research what motivates their customers, how they make purchasing decisions and what their customers like and dislike most about their own product. When it comes to fundraising, your VC must be your customer. Before you start pitching or building your deck, it is important to do your research in advance to understand the companies and partners you want to pitch.

If you do it right,

That knowledge will allow you to solve any problems they may have in advance. And make sure you really keep your business both authentic, but VC is well-received.

Story-drive, not data-drive

The most important source of knowledge in Silicon Valley is data, or belief. Reality, especially in the initial stage of investment, can only paint a partial picture of the data startup and the entrepreneur’s ambition. Don’t leave a dense copy of the trees in the vast forest, which investors are really investing in.



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