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Versatile Bollywood assistant. Director Abinash Rout becomes director and producer

Abinash Rout is a qualified graduate of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. After graduation, he came to Mumbai in 2012 to join the Bollywood industry, dreaming of becoming a filmmaker and producer. He has now established his own production company, AR Films Studio, and recently launched an OTT platform called ARMax.

He has also directed several start-up Ollywood and Bollywood web series “Sec 377”, “P SE Pleasure”, “Mai Kisi Aur Ka”, and a short film called RIP.

Currently, most of his series and short films are in pre-production. Abinash also has faced a lot of controversies. Most people have deceived him. In fact, just two years ago, he was pardoned in a case because a model filed several complaints with him about the casting couch.

As a young director and producer, Abinash has many enemies. Because of this, many people tried to betray him. His positives and negatives in the media are very popular, so many people ask him for help. In return, he gets positive and negative feedback.

From 2012 to 2019, as an assistant director of Balaji Television and Film Company, he produced a number of series and web dramas, and as an assistant director, he produced a number of Bollywood movies. As Odia, he has won a lot of fame in Bollywood and the television industry.

He recently launched his own OTT platform ARMax, which is an Android application.

Today, there are many new producers and directors who want to make different good movies. If you have relatives in this industry, that’s okay.

This also gives talented newcomers a chance. He recently co-produced three ARMax web series.

“I want to work with new talents. I want to make a small movie with new directors, new screenwriters, and new actors. I know that it is difficult to gain a foothold in this industry. With AR, we make all kinds of regional films, not just Max. I have always emphasized that the promotion of regional films is an important issue.Don’t believe the rumors you have heard about someone, even if you have never seen them with your own eyes. Whether you are an ordinary person or a celebrity, don’t believe those rumors that should be widely circulated among people. “

-Abinash Rout, the founder of ARMax.


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