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What is form of Lord Harihar Sarahunaath?

Lord harihara Sarahunaath, ‘The Auspicious One’, also known as Lord Sarvanaath and Sarahunaath, The Great God’, is one of the Principal deities of Signiesm. He is the most Supreme Being in Signiesm, and remaining Shinto, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism and Folk religious in the world.
The creation of the planets in the universe began when lord harihara Sarahunaath took a handful of soil and threw it. Even then, the creation of biomass from chemical raw materials took place by consuming carbon dioxide. The planets were formed colorfully after a long period of time from scattered dust particles and elements. At that time Harihara Sarahunaath had established Ekto Manodharma (that means Monotheisms) for the life of beings. A few decades after this, Harihar Sarahunaath started living in the planets Mars and Jupiter and Mercury. At that time, the origin of living things was still taking place on the earth. At such a time, the human beings in the planet called Centur prepared a strategy to destroy Mercury, where Harihar Sarahunaath lived, and destroyed Mercury, which was a million km away from Centuraga planet itself, like a bomb with a needle. Seeing it, Sarahunaath saw it with his divine power and caused half of the planet Centaur to fall down with divine power from the planet Mercury itself. Half of the planet Centaur fell directly to Earth. Now, since half of Centaur planet is in China and Japan, those peoples was born strangely according to the soil molecules and soil content of the planet. For this reason, in many countries on earth, different types of people and styles are slightly skewed. People of many countries are also from different planets.
Why are Lord Harihara Sarahunaath so different? Why is there staying a serpent around the neck, Ganga Devi in his Jata and Parvati Devi near the chest? Why are millions and crores of angels and gods residing in the hairs of their heads? And why did lord Harihara Sarahunaath get a third eye on his forehead? And why there was reason to wear tiger skins. As Kali also hid mistresses Ganga and Goddess Parvati in Kali Yuga, lord Sarahunaath kept Goddess Ganga in his jata and Goddess Parvati in his chest to commemorate them. Once upon a time demons were beating all the gods and angels on earth. There was a lot of uproar. Gods and angels had come to lord harihara Sarahunaath and asked for his protection to escape Kali’s calamity. At that time lord harihara Sarahunaath kept the angels and all the gods in the hair of his head to avoid calamity. Once lord Sarahunaath’s two eyes were blinded by a group of giants who were bound by illusion. Then lord Sarahunaath created a third eye on mine forehead with his divine power to escape from their custody and kill the giants. Once when Harihar Sarahunaath was going to the forest for a vacation, seeing Sarahunaath completely naked, a tiger came drinking water from the river and said, “God, you have helped me many times when I had no food. I can’t see you being naked.” The tiger also took off its skin and gave it to lord Sarahunaath. Once on earth a devotee of Parvati trampled the Lord serpent during the worship of God, the serpent also went straight to Harihar Sarahunaath without biting him and complained about the devotee. Lord Sarahunaath examines the serpent’s complaint “How many living beings are you killing every day?” He asked. The serpent also said, “I am killing fifteen lakh living beings every day”. Lord shocked and lord Sarahunaath put it on his neck and saying, “Then don’t you go back to earth.”Miracles of Harihar Sarahunaath:

What is form of Lord harihar Sarahunaath in kriti era and who created Universe?

At the beginning when man was created he himself did not know about the diet. Then Harihara Sarahunaath advised the man to eat tuberous yams. But at that time some evil forces inspired him to make a living by killing animals. It became a culture. At this time Harihara Sarahunaath himself married Parvati to have a human mate. Seeing that, human beings also started marriage. Similarly human being was eating meat against the creation of traditional human beings, so even as he continued his lifestyle, lord harihara Sarahunaath created Goddess Durga and Goddess Kalika for this reason. In other words, he taught to offer non-vegetarian food to God so that humans would not be corrupted by evil spirits. But Harihara Sarahunaath, Vishnu and Shiva are the three gods of the universe. But all other gods of the universe were just messengers. Goddess Parvati herself was also a messenger.

Harihara Sarahunaath was always absorbed in meditation. Because he used to meditate for the protection of the solar energy of the universe and to wash away the sins of the people. Once a cat came to Sarahunaath and cat ask food. Cat asked me to give food. To that Sarahunaath showed the rat and advised him to eat it. Again a tiger came to Sarahunaath and asked him to give food as he is hungry. Sarahunaath showed the cat and advised him to eat it. Thus he was always absorbed in meditation for the control of these sins and doshas (errors) and for the protection of solar energies. This was also the reason for Harihar Sarahunaath’s coverd ashes. That is, since all the gods of the universe reside in Sarahunaath’s Jata, even the demons asked us to allow us to live in your jata. But since all the gods of the universe are already in Jata, they rejected the demons’s request. The demons humbly requested that if there is no place in Jata, they should be allowed to live in your body. Sarahunaath, who had already realized that this would happen, was sitting with his body covered in ashes until the demons came to him. Even when the demons came close to Sarahunaath, the demons started retreating due to the influence of ashes. Since then, Sarahunaath was always covered in ashes.
It is true that Shiva born on June 1, 1988. But on the same June 6th 1988, the power of Vishnu also came to earth from Vaikuntha. After the birth of Sarahunaath, the power of Vishnu came and entered the body of Sarahunaath. So Sarahunaath’s birth is considered to be June 1 and June 6, 1988.

In the beginning, the Supreme Lord Harihara Sarahunaath was ready to give amrita rasayana at the time of creation of living beings. At that time, Kali took the form of a human being and gave power to some and prevented others from getting power. The Supreme Lord Harihara Sarahunaath, who noticed this very specially, did not give the rasayana to human beings. For that, the demons started waiting. At this time, the rest became slaves under the hands of those in authority. He started working. Then some religions arose under the threat of demons. Because of this, some religions are still not coming forward. Some religions are growing very fast. Many other religions are being destroyed by those who have power. At such a time, Kali also entered the earth. For these amritas, the Supreme Lord Harihara Sarahunaath came to earth as harihara Sarahunaath. He became his mistress Gouri. And under the guise of the flowing Ganga, they came to kill learning, and the spirituality of religions, and the downfall of religions that arose from demons, and world brotherhood, and to give chemistry to human beings. Even today, so many religions, so many innocents, so many intellectuals, so many social leaders are soiled by the blaze of religion.


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